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How to Tell if You are Turning into a Cynic

While you have always since adhered to the idea of staying positive and getting that positive attitude all the time, the older you get, the more you seem to lean towards negative thoughts. There is no way that you would have stayed unscathed with the things that life dishes out. You are becoming a littleand harsh on the things that life has to offer. You start to wide whether you are fast becoming a cynic. If you go through the followingsigns and you answered yes to most, thenis a very good chance that you indeedbecomecynical.

Your main speaking and even texting tune has become, every them you answer a question, you have noticed that these answers now tend to drip with sarcasm. A lotof cynical people often do not make things too seriously which is why sarcasm is considered to be the language of cynics.

It is also another sign that you are turning into a cynicwhen you start to loathe cute pictures that you find on your social media account. If in the past you used to gush over every single cute thingthat you find, now you notice that you havebecome indifferent and uninterested over this cute stuff that you have since found out be cute before. If you find yourself always turning a cold stare at those things that you used to be quite passionate of before, then you really are turning into a cynic.

You do notbelieve it when people compliment you too. You always think theworst ofpeople that try to give you compliments the firstthing that comes to your mind that they are just faking it even when these are actuallygenuinecompliments that you are getting. If people do try to hit on you, your instant thoughtis just they are just trying to get into your pants. While there may be those that do have such dubious agenda, it is important to remember that not everybody is going to be thinking the same thing. This is why it is important t  distinguish between genuinecompliments and those that are not.

You start to question everything and you never believe the news. Whenever something comes up on television especially when it comes to news reports, you always seem to think that there is more to the story than what the reporters are willing to divulge. You seem to be convinced that there is aconspiracysomewhere to dumb the public down as a way to control them and their actions. You always seem to have this thought that anythingbad that occurs may have something to do with a government cover up.

You are fast becoming cynical too when you only believe that peoplesome to youbecause they want something from you in the past, you may have experiencedsituations where others pretended to care about you and you befriend you, you just find out after that these people were nothing more than justopportunists who wish to take advantage of you. While there is certainly truth to how some people tend to be like that, you have to remember that not everybody is going to have the am dubious intentions. So, tuning out your cynical vibes a little bit may be a good idea.

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