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Defending Cynicism

It is afact that as one goes through life, the more likely it is that he sees and experiences things that may cause him to questionwhether the beliefsystem that he used to base on was really the way they are supposed to. Over time, one will find that there are things that will occur that may erode his faith inhumanity little by little. As such, he becomes more aware of the harsh realities of life and any often end up reflectingsuch a harshreality as well.

This can be manifested in the way he deals with the world around him and the people around him. There is a very good chance that all these past experiences are going to influence him to become more hardened and to take on a rather cynicalviewof the world and of the things at are going on around him. Thisshould not be a surprise though especially since one is bound to really feel the effects of the experiences that he has gone through at some point.

One needs to rememberthough that just because a person is a cynic does not mean that he is going to be jaded as well. Being cynical does not always mean that you just believe that nothing is ever going to be right with the way your life,Being cynical means that you have this healthy do of skepticism over how things are likely going to unfold in your life. Thismeans that you do not always believe that things will go right and that you tend to hold yourself back a little when it comes to the things that you expectwhichare actually a good and realisticapproach to things.

While it is good to have a positiveattitude when it comes to things, one must remember that becomingoverlyconfident over something that may just cause you majordisappointment especially if things do not go as planned. They are able to betterprotectthemselves from these heartbreaks since they do not expect things too well in the first place. The set low expectations when there is something that they are looking forward to. This means that if it does not indeed come true, they have already insulatedthemselvesfrom the blow. Thus, protecting their feelings in the process

While there is certainly a flipside to cynicism in the fact that it makes people not trust anybody, but there are a ton of benefits that a healthy cynic gets out of it. It is important to remember though that not every single person out there is going to get you, but of course maintaining a healthy dose of caution in every interaction that you will have with people you meet and encounter is a good way of going through life.

Just as not everybody that you will meet is going to have bad intentions for you, the same goes true with the fact that not every single one of those that you meet will be expected to have your best interest too. Making sure that you throw in just the right amount of caution in there will help you make better and safer decisions.

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