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To a lot of people, the word has to be viewed in a much morepositive light. Considering the many dreadful things that the news seem to be spewing every so often, many would prefer to see things in rosecolored glasses and to believe that there is still goodness that will come out of an of these sooner or later.

Of course, not everybody is going to share that view. There are a lot of people these days who have gone weary of anydreadful things that life and the world have shown them and instead of viewing things with a silver lining, many would prefer to just actually take it the way to is. Theywant to see things as they are and not want to romanticize what is going on. While some may frown upon the way the cynic’s brain works.


It is a common expectation that when one has a major goal to pursue, the key is to think positive in order to achieve it. The idea is that when you think positive thoughts, you get to feedmore driven, moremotivated, and moreinspired to work towardsachieving that goal. Many would even suggest that one picture himself in that scenario where he is finallyable to reap what he sow such as picturingthemselvesdoing whatever it is that he has since been hoping to do. Accordingly, thinking all thesepositive and encouraging thoughts will help one get propelled towards reaching the finish line that he has set much easier.

However, despite the general acceptance that this is how thing should be done and this is how one should handle a majorchallenge that he is facing, there isevidence that shows that this can actually backfire. It has been found out that a lot of people can actually attain better success levels when instead of focusing on how they shouldbe able to achievetheir goals. They will focusmore on the reasons why they may end up failing.

Studies that were performedbetween defensive pessimists and strategicoptimists have shown such results. The study established that when you are a strategic optimist, you tend to envision the best outcome possible for whatever it is that you are gunning for. This causes you to eagerly plan for the necessary steps that you need to take in order for this to happen,

For the defensive pessimist, despite having possibly experienced success in the past, you will likely be thinking for yourself that the same outcome is likely not going to occur this time around. This means that you start picturing out all of the scenarios that can go wrong with the goals that you have set to achieve. Being able to picture out all of the terrible scenarios that could happen causes the defensive pessimist to not overestimate themselves. While it is expected that the optimists are going to outperform those that have been thinking the worse.

There has always been this assumption that when a person is an optimist, he gets to be a better performer than somebody who seems to only think of negative thoughts. It is expected that when they think positive, they tend to be more confident as they tend to have high expectationsof who they are going to be when they take on the task. The pessimists,however, tend to downplay their likelyachievements when taking on the project. They tend to be more anxious. They tend to set their expectations lower too. But this does not mean that they are going to perform worse.

As it turned out, anxiety caused by pessimism actually makes a lot of people be more successful. The reason for this is because the anxiety is turnedinto actual action. When one’s mind starts to imagine all the worst-casescenario that could happen, they are able to prepare themselves more. The tend to try harder too. Of course, this does not mean that optimistsperform worse. What thismeans though is that these two kinds of people have their own way of dealing with things and this does not make one better than the other. The studies showed that the pessimists.


If you want to find out what are the likely things that you can do though as a pessimist that will increase your chances for success, there are plenty. For instance, in a scenario where pessimist and optimists were asked to throw darts, the pessimist opted to do seethingrelaxinglikelistening to soothingmusic before they started to face their target the pessimist,however, ended up imaginingthemselvesmissingtheir targets. While those pessimists that listened to relaxing music performed 30% better, the same 30% has beenrecorded for these pessimists that optedto think of negativethoughts like missing their target as well.

Then there is the case of encouragement. It is generally accepted that when people are encouraged, they will be are motivated to do whatever it is that they need to do. But this is not always the case with everybody. While they may work for some, there are those that will actually feel discouraged when they are encouraged. To optimistic people, engagements will help boost their confidence. To pessimists, this may not necessarywork as well. This is why people should alwaysbear inmind that reassurance is a sword that is double-edged.

This means that there is daintilysomethinggreat going on of people thatrefuse to wear their glass colored shades. If they choose to see the world for the ugly reality that it provides then they should leave thembe. Not everybody is going to function with an all-topositive attitude.

For people that thrive in theirnegative thoughts to make it, by all means, they should continue doing so. This is the world where both the cynics and the believer are put together. The best that one can do is to notforce his kind of mindset to people that preferto viewthings otherwise.

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